Welcome to Dr. Bowser's Cosmetic & Family Dentistry!

Welcome to Dr. Bowser's Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, a dental practice located in the Fishertown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Our office has been helping patients achieve their goals of healthy smiles for ten years and counting!
At our office, we strive to meet patient needs and to please them. In order to do this, we offer financing options, payment plans, and we accept most insurances. Anywhere from chipped teeth to root canals, we offer the most effective, efficient dental care to achieve your dental and cosmetic needs. Our staff as a whole comes together to present the services of root canals, crowns, bridges, dentures, dental implants, veneers and teeth whitening to meet any needs our patients may have for them to be able to smile comfortably again. 
Our office goal is to use common sense, technology, and a friendly behavior while always striving to put the best interest of the patient first. We give our patients the best quality of oral care possible, and treat them how we would like to be treated: respectfully, kindly, gently, and enthusiastically. 
On this page you can find most of our services that we provide to our patients. These brief summaries give you an introduction of what the treatments that Dr. Bowser, Dr. Foor, and their staff will perform. If you have any further questions please follow our links to get a more in depth description, or contact our office today, by phone, or message us on Facebook!
Please feel free to contact us with any questions! We look forward to seeing you in our office soon!






Dental Hygiene

Tooth Whitening

Dentures & Partials

Crowns & Bridges

The best way that our doctors recommend to keep your teeth as clean as possible and cavity free! Click here for more information and details! 

To find out the different options of whitening products and services that are offered at Dr. Bowser's Dental Office, click here!

If you have, or are interested in receiving dentures or partials, Dr. Bowser's website gives you a full explanation about dentures and partials, what to expect from them, and how to keep them clean and healthy. Click here for more information!

Here, you can learn what expectations you should have if you are scheduled at Dr. Bowser's office for a crown or a bridge, and how long the treatment usually lasts. For more details please click here!  





Dental Implants

Root Canals


Other Services

To learn more information about if dental implants are a good fit for you, and will get you closer to your goal for that perfect smile you are striving for, click here! 

For our patients who are getting a root canal for the first time, or those who are just nervous to go through with the procedure, we would like to make you as comfortable as possible with no surprises. If you click here, there are some details on root canals and what you should be expecting during your appointment.

Here you learn more about tooth extractions and what you should expect to happen during your time spent in our office.  On this page you will also find a link to a page of instructions from Dr. Bowser on how to properly take care of the area after the extractions. Click here to access all of these helpful resources!

Learn what other services our office offers here! We can give you information on the veneers that we offer at Dr. Bowser's and occasional specials! Click here to learn more!