FrequentlyAsked Questions

What should I expect at my new patient exam? 

During your first visit we ask that you would show up 15 minutes early to fill out a medical history form and update us with your information about previous medical and dental records. Usually, if you are not experiencing an emergency situation, your first appointment is for a cleaning with one of our hygienists. At this appointment we will clear all of the plaque and tartar buildup off of your teeth, and take any necessary x-rays. After you're cleaning, one of our doctors will come in and examine your teeth, gums and bite, screen for oral cancer, and complete a head and neck exam. After the exam is completed, our dentist and hygienist will then review the findings with you and set up a treatment plan, go over any fees or financing options, and together you will determine a plan that best suites you and fits your needs.

What should I do if I have an emergency?

Please call our office as soon as you determine you are experiencing a dental emergency. We will gladly work you into our schedule as soon as possible if your emergency is during a week day. If you have an emergency that is during an hour that we are not in the office, please call our office number to get our doctor's emergency contact number.

How often should I visit the dentist?

We recommend in our office that you come in for a cleaning every 6 months. Everyone's dental health is a little different. This could create the need for some people to come in more often than every 6 months.

Do you accept insurance?

We do accept most insurances. For a list of insurance that we do accept at this office please click here and follow our link to the financial and office policies page. We will be happy to file your insurance claims for you after you have recieved your treatment. Any balance that is left that the insurance did not cover will be the patients responsibility. We have many financial options available if needed. 
If we are not a participating provider for your insurance company, we will be happy to fill out the insurance forms as a non-participant and assist you in submitting them. 

What forms of payment does your office accept?

We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also offer options such as Care Credit or we can arrange an automatic debiting to help with any of your financial needs.
In addition , we offer special discounts for our uninsured patients with cash and senior discounts.

Does your office do periodontal cleanings?

Yes, our office does perform periodontal cleanings for patients who are in need of them. In some cases, where our patients have advanced periodontal disease, we may refer you to a periodontist for you to receive more advanced treatments and attention necessary for your particular situation.

Should I expect to have discomfort during my dental treatments?

With our up to date anesthetic and tools, when you are in your treatment you should experience little to no pain at all. If you are experiencing any discomfort during the procedures you should notify your dentist right away.

How long will I be numb? 

Generally, most of our patients will be numb for 2-4 hours, depending on the location being worked on and the anesthetic used. 

Should I follow any special instructions after my treatment?

Please click on the treatment link that you have received and follow the instructions:
Clicking on these links will download the paperwork for Dr. David R. Bowser III Dentistry

Why do I need fluoride?

Fluoride is one of the biggest advances ever in dentistry and the health field to reduce disease in the form of cavities. Fluoride helps prevent a lot of things, particularly tooth decay and assists in re-mineralizing weak, or damaged enamel. Fluoride is proven to be most beneficial for children because it incorporates into the structure of the adult tooth as it developes, and then is in the tooth protecting it forever. Studies have proven that fluoride also reduces cavities in adults as well, especially if there are situations when the immune system is compromised.