Meet Our Staff

At Dr. Bowser's Dentistry it is our goal to make all our patients feel welcome. We realize, that this goal is attained depending on how welcome the staff here makes you feel from the very first moment you walk in the front door of our office, which is why we take honor in our staff and our ability to make you feel comfortable and at home. Our patients always come first, and your opinions and needs are important to us. We will always be open and truthful to you about your treatments: if there are any risks associated with it, what all costs are going to be, and how these treatments are going to achieve your personal needs or goals. With every patient, from first to last of the day, we make sure we are always energetic, alert, and prepared to make all appointments pleasant and effective. As dental care providers we are highly skilled in this area. When we perform a treatment plan on any of our patients we make sure to explain in detail how every tool works, what exactly we are doing to your teeth at that time, and why we do those things. We take this responsibility to provide our patients with education about their teeth, not only to make you more comfortable with our actions, but because that is what we are here to do.   
Our staff is highly trained and skilled in many areas of dentistry and we aim to please each and every one of our patients that walk through our office doors. Our staff is specialized in many areas of training and as a whole contain multiple certifications in several areas. Each member of our staff is individually trained for the roles they play in our office. All staff members are CPR certified and each individually takes the time and opportunities available to further their education and to improve the services of the office.  
To experience the expertise of our staff members please contact us to schedule an appointment today!
Dental Assistants

Missy - x-ray and CPR Certified
Apryle - EFDA, x-ray, and CPR Certified
Melissa - x-ray and CPR Certified

Dental Hygienist

Rhonda L. - RDH and CPR Certified
​Kim - RDH and CPR Certified
Chelsea - RDH and CPR Certified
Lu Ann - RDH and CPR Certified (not pictured)

Front Desk

Tiffany - Patient Coordinator, Dental Assistant
Rhonda - Patient Coordinator, Dental Assistant, CPR Certified
Darla - Patient Coordinator, Dental Assistant, CPR Certified
Wendy - Patient Coordinator, Dental Assistant (not pictured)